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Risk & Safety Assessment

Risk and safety assessments are an integral component of hazard communication and occupational training. These assessments help to ensure a safe workplace and that those involved with the handling, processing and storage of chemicals are well-informed and protected against physical and health hazards.

Chemical Risk Assessment graphicThis is a significant issue involved in developing and maintaining responsible care and sustainable development programs. Decisions made early in the process development cycle not only serve to protect employees, but can save costly changes in product formulations or development.

Proper risk assessments typically involve assessing the physical, health and ecological effects that a given chemical substance or mixture may pose during manufacture, in transit, or upon use. Additionally, risk assessments provide an overview of a particular chemistry's exposure to existing regulations. This is particularly important as your company expands in the domestic and international marketplaces.

Physical Hazards PictogramPhysical hazards may affect how materials are handled, processed and stored. Physical properties, such as flammability, pH, stability and volatility, can impact the manufacturing environment and storage of chemicals. Additionally, understanding of these hazards will contribute to understanding the proper personal protective equipment that must be used to protect your workforce and facilities.

Risk Assessment Process Map

Health Hazards PictogramHealth risks are important in determining the potential of occupational hazards and will aide in dictating personal protective equipment. Toxicology can be assessed directly by testing, by existing data in the literature or by comparing new chemical substances to exising analogous structures. Compounds which exhibit highly toxic characteristics, as well as carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive properties are becoming more highly scrutinized and regulated. Use of certain materials may cause unnecessary burdens to manufacturing as well as to sales and marketing. Knowing of these issues as early as possible saves time and development costs.

Environmental Hazards PictogramEcotoxicity has become increasing important as regulations have continued to restrict the use and discharge of certain chemicals into the environment. Ecotoxicity of materials is typically assessed by aquatic and environmental testing or alternatively by structural analysis (mathematical modeling). There are some categories of concern that are well-known and avoiding their use will provide for a greener and more sustainable product.

Regulations PictogramRegulatory compliance is the final piece, which determines your company's exposure to risk in the marketplace. Obviously, your company is in the business of growing into new markets. Knowing your current status regarding domestic and international regulations will prepare your company to meet the ever changing landscape of chemical regulations, and prevent interruptions to the sales and marketing of products and even more importantly fines, which may harm your business image.

ChemOne Compliance is skilled at such assessments and can provide complete overviews of your company's new or existing chemical substances using existing data in the literature, through managed testing, structural analysis or by analogous chemistries. Resultant reports may be stand alone or part of a total hazard communication or chemical-specific training program.

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